About - Purcell Collegiate School
Not just what, but how our children learn today won’t just shape the future of our planet: it will determine it. At Purcell Collegiate, we’re creating a learning environment and sociocultural opportunity that will connect students from around the world in a collaborative setting to a cooperate purpose: to engage their lives toward making the world more sustainable, more inclusive, more equitable, and more just.

Duncan MacLeod, Head of School & CEO


What sets Purcell Collegiate apart? Our unique model, our state-of-the-art campus, our connection to the natural environment, our science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics programs, our connection to the Aq’am Community of the Ktunaxa Nation are only a few examples.

We are building a space where students can exercise their creativity and engage their passions with access to a wide variety of elective courses under the broader umbrella of the core competencies of British Columbia’s internationally-recognized curriculum. Advanced coaching and training opportunities and amenities ensure our student-athletes can match classroom successes with those at the ice rink, court or field.

We aspire to be a school of international significance, one that builds students into competent thinkers, communicators, and advocates who are personally and socially capable in all areas of their lives.


Grateful. Mindful. Purposeful. Successful.


To inspire, enable and equip students from around the world to explore and realise their potential, developing the knowledge, skills, characteristics and habits that empower growth and prepare individuals to thrive, personally and professionally, in an ever-changing and rapidly shrinking world.


A world-class international school that sets the standard for transformative learning and sustainable living, providing an educational experience that is place-based in nature but global in scope, delivering a unique, close-knit community that nurtures social conscience and fosters leadership.




We are continuously learning and striving for a community that is equitable, diverse and inclusive. Inclusive of everyone regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, appearance, ethnicity, culture, and beliefs.


We instil in students the capacity to recognise and meet their commitments. They are part of a community that is accountable to each other and given the tools to grow and act independently and make thoughtful decisions.


Conscious, subjective happiness and well-being is a continuing practice that we carry throughout our lives. We make a point to incorporate gratitude practices that bring measurable, recognisable happiness into everyday life.


Our creativity is one of our most valuable and cherished assets. A resource that allows us to solve problems, bring about original ideas, and see alternatives and possibilities. A creative mind enriches an individual and the experience of a team.


To inspire an eagerness for knowledge and confidence to examine what, why, when and how. By being inquisitive, our students can experience more because curiosity opens up a world of possibilities.


At our core, we value respect for ourselves and others. With this in mind, we honour the Ktunaxa peoples – whose homeland we share and whom we recognise as our hosts and neighbours.


We strive to adopt sustainable practices, whether large or small, that will positively impact generations that follow. Purcell Collegiate subscribes to the principles of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.


As a diverse community, we value the ability to understand and share others’ feelings and perspectives. We recognise that nurturing the capacity to place oneself in another’s position improves our community’s quality and strength.