Leadership Team - Purcell Collegiate School


The Leadership team at Purcell Collegiate includes a well-balanced complement of leading experts in their respective fields with backgrounds in both the public school system and private sector, a testament to Purcell Collegiate’s pioneering model which bridges the gap between public and private education in support of social impact, economic development benefit, and 21st-century learning engagement and outcomes.




Duncan has over 25 years of experience in the international education sector as an educator, author, curriculum designer, program coordinator, administrator, and entrepreneur. In his most recent position as the International Education Manager for School District No. 6 (Rocky Mountain), Duncan cultivated relationships with a global network of international education agencies, service providers, teachers, and government officials.

During that time, he established a reputation for innovation and leadership that will directly benefit Purcell Collegiate through the work done to elevate and distinguish the Rocky Mountain International Student Program (RMISP) on the global stage as it raised the profile of both Duncan as an industry leader and Kimberley as an international student destination.




Liam is an experienced educator and leader with a decade of international and domestic teaching experience, eager to contribute his expertise to the Purcell Collegiate team. His diverse background includes teaching in Colombia, China, and British Columbia, where he has made significant contributions to schools by enriching both the academic and extracurricular environments.

With a passion for innovative curriculum development, Liam has successfully designed and delivered engaging courses within the BC and International Baccalaureate programs, creating dynamic learning experiences for his students. Fluent in both French and English, he holds bachelor’s degrees in arts and education from the University of Alberta and, he will soon complete his Master of Education degree from Simon Fraser University. Liam’s teaching philosophy centres on the evolution of educational technology, experiential learning, and the transformative power of language and literature.

Beyond the classroom, Liam finds inspiration in outdoor activities like rock-climbing, hiking, skiing, and golf, and he is enthusiastic about sharing these interests with the students at Purcell Collegiate. Moreover, Liam is equally comfortable with team sports, having played basketball most of his life and coached teams around the world.




As Student Life Manager at Purcell Collegiate, Lisa is responsible for our boarding program, our homestay/billet program, and our Uprep@PCS suite of extracurricular activities, events, and trips.

Lisa is dedicated to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment for our  students. With over 15 years of experience in international education, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for connecting with students from diverse backgrounds. Her experience raising three boys in both Canada and South Africa has led to her understanding the importance of a multicultural upbringing and the value it brings to a student’s educational journey. This firsthand experience has shaped her approach to fostering cultural exchange and creating a supportive community for students.

Lisa’s love of travel and dream of building intercultural relationships has led her to travel destinations such as China, India, Thailand, Mexico, UK, and Germany; allowing her to develop a global perspective, which she believes is crucial in preparing students for an interconnected world.

In addition to her passion for travel and international education, Lisa enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing, golfing, kayaking, and holds a private pilot’s license, which reflects her adventurous spirit and love for exploration. She feels fortunate to be living on the traditional, ancestral homeland of the Ktunaxa peoples, surrounded by the stunning mountain landscape that our region offers and looks forward to sharing this love of the region and for the outdoors with the students of Purcell Collegiate School.