Fee Information - Purcell Collegiate School


Purcell Collegiate School (PCS) encourages applications from motivated local and international students who share our values, particularly as they related to Indigenous engagement, sustainability, inclusivity, accessibility and internationalization.   A commitment to  leadership through service and meaningful participation at the community level and in support of the future of our planet are priority existing or aspirational attributes.

We recognize that attending PCS require a major commitment for and a significant in your child’s future.  It requires thoughtful consideration as part of an application process we are glad to support through our Admissions Office.   We have endeavored to make the financial aspect of that process as streamlined as possible by making our fees as simple and all-inclusive as possible.

Examples of fees included by PCS but charged separately at other institutions include:

  • Airport services (welcome pick-up and farewell drop-off) — included
  • Boarding during designated holidays periods for Christmas Break and Spring Break — included
  • Extra-curricular activities and trips (u.prep@pcs) — included

Additional fees may apply for:

  • Bussing for local students (to/from school)
  • Student-specific extra-curricular activities (e.g. violin lessons)
  • School sport participation (hotel costs for trips, etc.)

Medical insurance for international students is mandatory. It is managed by PCS as provided by StudentVIP. Canadian student medical coverage is per their provincial health coverage and may be supplemented by their parents/guardians at their discretion and cost.

IMPORTANT: all boarding students must pay a Dorm Deposit of $2000.00 in addition to the listed fees. This amount is refundable at the end of the school year provided the student’s dorm room did not incur any damage or require any non-routine cleaning or repair upon completion of the stay.

Application fees are non-refundable. All other fees are subject to the PCS Refund Policy. Scholarships and bursaries may be available for qualifying students. Click here to learn more about these options.

NOTE: pro-rated fee schedules are available for students wishing to study at PCS for less than a full school year; for example, a five-month study term from February 1 – June 30.  Contact us for more information.