Financial Aid - Purcell Collegiate School


Purcell Collegiate School (PCS) offers scholarships to new applicants registering in Grades 7 – 12.

Scholarships are awarded per the criteria of the donor and/or if a student demonstrates significant achievement in or dedication to an extra-curricular pursuit; for example, national citizenship or community service recognition, provincial/national competitive athletics or arts, and/or exceptional academic achievement.

Please note that qualification for financial assistance (income tested annually) may be required. Scholarships may be awarded for the duration of the student’s time at PCS or for a single year.

Application requirements include an essay, two references, and in some cases, an examination, presentation, or project will be required.


Wendy NG Memorial Scholarship

These awards are made in celebration of the contributions Wendy NG made to international education and exchange between Guangdong and British Columbia under Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) between sister-schools and other partnerships between education bureaus and school districts. This pioneering work created opportunities for students, teachers, and administrators to learn with and from each other in support of a brighter future based on mutual understanding, trust, and friendship.  This scholarship is available exclusively to students apply to PCS from Guangdong, China.


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