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Purcell Collegiate School will ensure medical coverage on the student’s behalf provided that the student has a valid Study Permit, a Letter of Acceptance has been issued and the student has paid the required fees to attend Purcell Collegiate School.

Health Insurance B.C. – Medical Services Plan (MSP)

Student VIP is the insurance coverage provider and has an extensive insurance plan for our students, covering the students during the three month waiting period for MSP coverage as well as during the rest of their study program with additional coverage beyond the MSP. Students whose study permit is less than six months will be covered under the Student VIP medical insurance for the full duration of their program.

MSP covers international students with study permits of six months or longer after a three-month waiting period. MSP coverage is required by law in B.C. for all B.C. residents. In order to activate this coverage, the international student must provide their current Study Permit to the International Education office upon arrival in B.C.

At the end of the waiting period, MSP will mail a Care Card to the student. Once the student has a Care Card number, he or she will receive medical services in the same manner as all British Columbians.

Each Care Card has an expiry date which is usually the same expiration date as the Study Permit. Purcell Collegiate and their medical provider, Student VIP will assist with this process.

To renew their MSP coverage, students must provide the International Education office with a copy of the renewed Study Permit. MSP benefits will end if coverage is not renewed. Students must ensure that they provide the International Education department with their current study permit while they remain in the program.

After arrival at Purcell Collegiate School, students will receive confirmation of their insurance coverage with an ID card, Policy, and Claim Form.

Students should keep their ID card with them at all times in case of illness or injury in order to be able to visit a doctor. Some medical clinics bill Student VIP Insurance directly. In some cases, direct billing is not available.

Therefore, the student must pay the clinic directly and collect a receipt including the clinic’s stamp and signature. The student can submit claims for reimbursement electronically or by mail. If the student is hospitalized, the student or hospital should contact Student VIP Insurance immediately at the numbers listed on the reverse of their ID card (24-hour Emergency Procedures).

Should you have any questions about medical insurance, please contact us at

End of Medical Insurance Coverage

When the student ceases to be part of the International Program, insurance benefits become the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian. If a student’s study permit duration is longer than their program with Purcell Collegiate School, the student must notify MSP of their intent to leave Canada or pay their international student medical fees directly to Health Insurance BC.