Travel Tips and Info - Purcell Collegiate School

Travel Tips and Info

Parents and agencies must plan and record details of student travel. Please take care to note the departure and arrivals times as well as the times between flight connections. Share this information with our team so that we can successfully support your child with arrivals and departures in Canada.

During the flight booking process please ensure you have reviewed the student handbook for key information related to life at Purcell Collegiate School so you can pack accordingly.

Students can arrive and depart during the scheduled arrival and departure times at no extra cost if they are staying during the defined arrival and departure windows. If students need to arrive before the specified arrival window or depart after the departure window, additional meal and accommodation rates may apply. Travel to and from the Canadian Rockies International Airport is provided at no extra charge.

2023 Arrival Window: Saturday, September 23 to Monday, September 25

2024 Departure Window: Saturday, June 11 to Monday, June 13

If students will be accompanied by someone on their journey, please let us know and we can inform you of accommodation options that are available for others and the related costs.