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Athletics are an important part of the Purcell Collegiate learning ecosystem.  PCS is committed to nurturing and supporting sports and recreation opportunities for all students including but not limited to:

Athletics foster dedication, reward determination, and support the pursuit of skills growth and development.  And in the case of team sports, they cultivate collaboration and cooperation in pursuit of shared success.

Achieving in sport, whether it be individual improvement or team victory, inspires personal purpose in support of success.  And that’s what we want for our students:  success in the classroom, at university, in their lives, and toward a common goal of making our world a better, more secure place.

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Purcell Hockey Academy (PHA) has launched an elite U18 Female Prep Team for the 2024-25 school year

BC School Sports

Purcell Collegiate School is set to make new BC School Sports opportunities available for the 2024-25 school year.


Purcell Collegiate School offers a variety of sports and recreation clubs for fun, fitness, and personal growth.


Check out when and where Purcell Collegiate School practices, games, tournaments, and clubs are taking place…

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