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Shoot to improve your game. Score a university-prep education

Purcell Hockey Academy (PHA) offers motivated student-athletes a blended program of high-level hockey and university-prep education. PHA’s focus is the individual growth and development of participant–as a player, as a learner, and as a human being. Whether we’re on the ice, in the classroom, or in the community, we’re striving to win in the most meaningful ways possible, by learning, growing, and developing.

Students participating in the Hockey Program will receive a distinguished education while playing hockey at the highest level available. Our teams frequently travel across North America for games, tournaments, and unique opportunities that may not be found in any other hockey program.  PHA participants are expected to be fully committed to the opportunities afforded to them by the academic, co-curricular, and service learning opportunities afforded to them including the Uprep@PCS suite of extracurricular programs.

When our student-athletes shoot for scholarships, we want them to score with the universities they most want to attend. That’s why we are committed to ensuring they are exceptional student applicants in addition to highly-competitive hockey players and passionate global citizens.

Welcome to Purcell Hockey Academy at Purcell Collegiate School.


Purcell Collegiate School (PCS) is excited to be bringing elite female hockey to the East Kootenay region of British Columbia for the 2024-25 school year. At the same time, PCS is proud to be facilitating an exceptional opportunity for student-athletes from around the world to further their growth and development as students, players, and people.

At PCS, when we say “university prep,” we mean it.

Purcell Hockey Academy programming is structured to maximize each participant’s access to the exceptional educational opportunity afforded by attending Purcell Collegiate School.  Academy staff work closely with school staff to ensure participants thrive both on and off the ice.

Academy/Team fees

Each player’s academy/team fees support the following costs:

  • basic academy operating costs including but not limited to ice fees (practices and games), officiating fees, insurance, and off-ice training facility rental costs
  • team equipment including practice jerseys, home and away game jerseys and socks, team gloves, team hockey pants, team gear bag, performance t-shirt and shorts, and a team tracksuit
  • core staff (head coach, assistant coach, manager)
  • guest coaches (skills, goaltending, etc.)
  • team travel to games, tournaments, and showcases
  • billet family placement and support

School fees

Each player’s school fees support the following costs for attending Purcell Collegiate School (PCS):

  • tuition fees
  • IT fee (laptop/backpack)
  • school uniform fees
  • medical insurance (international students only)

Training schedule

At 200′ by 80′, we see the rink as our largest classroom!  This is where Coach Val is at her best, working with each student-athlete to evolve their game, fueling their development as players and as people.

  • practices: 3-4 on-ice practices per week (60-90 minutes) depending on travel requirements for the team, other factors like statutory holidays, etc.
  • off-ice training: 4-5 sessions per week
  • skills coaching: goalie-specific x6 per year/position-player x6 per year
  • classroom learning: once a week minimum re: video review, sports psychology, college admission support, etc.

Competition schedule

Purcell Hockey Academy will compete in a medley of non-sanctioned, non-league games against a variety of opponents which may include but not be limited to:

  • other U18 female teams
  • U15/16 male teams
  • college/university female teams

The schedule will be compromised of exhibition games, tournaments, and showcase events.

Key academy staff

These are the people leading Purcell Hockey Academy on and off the ice in support of cultivating pathways to university scholarships and bursaries:

  • Coach: Valeriia Manchak-Jensen
  • Assistant Coach:  TBA
  • Manager: Lisa Singbeil
  • Advisor: Harry Rosenholtz

The information contained above is subject to change and may be updated from time to time.  Please confirm any and all information prior to enrolling in PHA.  To download the information contained above as a PDF, click the link below.


We recognize that enrolling in an independent school requires a significant investment in your child’s future and that pursuing elite hockey programming and play adds to those costs.

When possible, PCS is pleased to support payment plans for PHA-related fees using the following schedule:

    • 40% of total fees:  due upon enrollment
    • 20% of total fees:  due September 30
    • 20% of total fees:  due November 30
    • 20% of total fees:  due January 31

Note:  Canadian students may also qualify for payment plans for school fees.  Due to IRCC processing regulations, international students must pay school fees in full in advance of having their Letters of Acceptance issued.

Financial Aid

PHA scholarships and bursaries:  We want you to be successful at university—and in life. Participating in the Purcell Hockey Academy (PHA) is about exploring your potential and expanding your horizons; it’s about taking the lead and being part of a team; and it’s about doing your part and finding your way.

When you’re prepared to do your part, we’re prepared to help you find a way. That’s why PCS sponsors a variety of merit- and needs-based scholarships and bursaries for qualifying student-athletes.

When it comes to financial aid, our goal is to get an assist. To find out how to score a bursary or scholarship, email us at 

Billet Program

Billet placements are an integral part of Purcell Hockey Academy (PHA) experience. The active and enthusiastic participation of billet families in our program enhances each student-athlete’s cultural experience and contributes to the maximization of their time with PHA at Purcell Collegiate School.

Interested in becoming a billet family?  Our Homestay/Billet Program would like to hear from you if you and your family:

  • are passionate about the sport of hockey and supportive of the growth of female hockey in Canada and around the world;
  • have an extra bedroom in your home;
  • speak English as the primary language in your home; and
  • want to welcome a world-class student-athlete (or two!) into your home, your community, and your life!

Families are still be recruited for the 2024-25 school year/hockey season.  If you are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, please contact us.