Calendar - Purcell Collegiate School


Purcell Collegiate School operates on a unique school year calendar designed to assist students in travel to and from Canada during non-peak times. This calendar has an active schedule of academic classes, clubs, athletic programs, extra-curricular programs, community involvement and dorm life experiences. Student experiences also include travel and tourism to experience what British Columbia and Canada has to offer in the beautiful Kootenay and Rocky Mountains. Outdoor experiences also abound for students with time in the calendar to experience the natural beauty that Canada has to offer in multiple seasons throughout the school year.

Student arrival and departure for the start and end of the school year has a 2-3 day window of flexibility to accommodate flight arrival times. Students are encouraged to remain at the school for the entire year as the schedule allows for multiple school program guided learning experiences at break times and throughout long weekends.

Saturday School is included throughout the calendar year at various times to allow further learning experiences that count towards the required number of instructional hours for students with the British Columbia Ministry of Education, given our modified calendar start and end dates.

Summer program attendance and student internship opportunities are also available to extend the time in Canada at Purcell Collegiate School. Inquire with us for more information if you are interested in this option.

See the information below around important calendar dates including days of school and various identified holidays. dates document