Extra-Curricular Clubs - Purcell Collegiate School

Extra-Curricular Clubs

At Purcell Collegiate School we take education beyond the classroom by offering clubs and activities that will prepare students to meet their academic and personal potential.

Our students thrive in an environment where each student can explore and develop their abilities and talents.

Our clubs are diverse and provide opportunities for students to experience culture, art, music, athletics and community interaction.

These opportunities provide our students with the ability to build skills, identify their passions and become leaders within the school and larger community setting. Students are able to take part in club activities that support their growth and enable them to become global thinkers and communicators.

Whether it is skiing for the first time, hiking the beautiful nature trails surrounding the property, or engaging with members of the ?aq’am community to learn more about Indigenous traditions, we believe there is something for every student at PCS.

Combined with building friendships and learning more about Canada, these extra-curricular clubs provide an amazing opportunity for students to connect with others.



As part of our school program, students at Purcell Collegiate School are offered opportunities to further expand their exposure to music, drama and visual arts both in and out of the classroom.

The Arts provides a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved in all aspects by working closely with peers and community.

Students receive the opportunity to develop new techniques under the guidance of a staff member and occasionally a community guest artist.


Our students learn to exemplify service each day through their lives and actions at Purcell Collegiate School.

This can be through participating in school chores, volunteering at the campus, tutoring and supporting younger students or working as a volunteer within our local community.

Through these experiences our students recognize and learn the importance of giving their time, energy and resources to support those around them.

Our staff provide students with an overview of the many service opportunities available to them and assist them in selections that grow their passions and leadership skills as well as exposing them to Canadian culture.