Accessibility Plan - Purcell Collegiate School


What does it mean to be “accessible”?  It starts with the ease with which people with disabilities can use and enjoy something.  In the case of a school, that could include a device or interface, a learning experience, a school building, or an entire campus location.

At PCS, we are committed to nurturing, supporting, and continually improving the access we provide to a broad community of stakeholders including but not limited to students, staff, parents/guardians, and community members.  We are committed to strategic planning and design in support of minimizing if not eliminating barriers and impediments.

PCS is committed to working collaboratively and constructively, both internally and externally, to extend and enhance access to the amenities and opportunities it creates for people with disabilities.  We do this by:

• Engaging with students, staff, parents/guardians, community members and subject-matter experts in the development and review of its accessibility plan
• Ensuring that our school policies and procedures align with accessibility principles and best practices
• Improving access to facilities, programs, and services for students, staff, parents/guardians, volunteers, and community members
• Continually prioritizing and working to create accessibility for people with disabilities in our school community

You can assist PCS in activating its accessibility plan and achieving its goals by reporting accessibility barriers to us. To report a barrier, click the button.

PCS and Rick Hansen Foundation

Click here to learn more about the work PCS has done with the Rick Hansen Foundation toward achieving “Gold” status for its in-development new-school construction project.

“My disability is that I cannot use my legs. My handicap is your negative perception of that disability, and thus of me.” –Rick Hansen