Curriculum - Purcell Collegiate School


At Purcell Collegiate, our students experience a challenging, diverse and engaging curriculum, approved by the British Columbia Ministry of Education.

The busy student academic schedule is combined with real-life experiences through leadership experiences, clubs, activities and daily life skills.

The schedule at Purcell Collegiate School is unique. Our condensed schedule allows for students to have a later start to the morning while having exposure to extra-curricular learning activities that focus on developing teamwork and creativity.

Since our school is located in Kimberley-Cranbrook corridor, with easy access to many outdoor and indoor amenities below the majestic peaks of the Purcell and Rocky Mountain Ranges of Canada, students are able to experience many exciting educational opportunities right outside our front doors! Students are surrounded by learning through their easy access to nature and local habitats.

Learning outside the classroom is an ongoing and invigorating experience for students at Purcell Collegiate School. We are fortunate and deeply appreciative to be able to share the land we learn on with the local indigenous people of the ?aq’am community.

The pursuit of academic excellence is woven into the fabric of how we provide learning opportunities for students at Purcell Collegiate School. We strive to assist students in reaching high levels of achievement while developing skills around leadership and global citizenship.

Our program is shaped for the student with innovative teaching methods and enhanced community learning opportunities. Important skills such as collaboration, personal decision making, problem solving, experiential learning and technical acuity for our students are foundational to Purcell Collegiate School.

Students are guided through their academic journey at Purcell Collegiate School with a staff advisor that assists them in providing direction on academic and elective course choices and pathways.

Our partnership with the local indigenous community of ?aq’am and the Ktunaxa nation provide immeasurable opportunities for students to learn and grow with cultural understanding and knowledge that will set them apart from others as true global citizens.