Learning Philosophy - Purcell Collegiate School


At Purcell Collegiate School we strive to provide the very best teaching and learning environment possible. One which promotes inclusivity and creativity while cultivating both respect and responsibility.

Together, our staff promote and teach concepts around sustainability and empathy while developing an eagerness within students to be inquisitive innovators.

Our approach with students demonstrates how developing gratitude and understanding indigenous ways of knowing can bring recognizable happiness into daily living.

Our work with students is guided by our values and pillars for learning.




We are continuously learning and striving for a community that is equitable, diverse and inclusive. Inclusive of everyone regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, appearance, ethnicity, culture, and beliefs.


We instil in students the capacity to recognise and meet their commitments. They are part of a community that is accountable to each other and given the tools to grow and act independently and make thoughtful decisions.


Conscious, subjective happiness and well-being is a continuing practice that we carry throughout our lives. We make a point to incorporate gratitude practices that bring measurable, recognisable happiness into everyday life.


Our creativity is one of our most valuable and cherished assets. A resource that allows us to solve problems, bring about original ideas, and see alternatives and possibilities. A creative mind enriches an individual and the experience of a team.


To inspire an eagerness for knowledge and confidence to examine what, why, when and how. By being inquisitive, our students can experience more because curiosity opens up a world of possibilities.


At our core, we value respect for ourselves and others. With this in mind, we honour the Ktunaxa peoples – whose homeland we share and whom we recognise as our hosts and neighbours.


We strive to adopt sustainable practices, whether large or small, that will positively impact generations that follow. Purcell Collegiate subscribes to the principles of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.


As a diverse community, we value the ability to understand and share others’ feelings and perspectives. We recognise that nurturing the capacity to place oneself in another’s position improves our community’s quality and strength.