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Off-Campus Programs

Outside of the regular academic programming, students can expand their learning in many areas such as music, technology, sports, theatre, arts, vocational and technical programming and work experiences. These adjuncts to the academic program shape the leadership and daily life skills of our students providing them with an array of community connections while developing important skills that lead to becoming an adult.

The choices in Off-Campus Programs vary and are customized to the unique interests of each student by connecting with their school advisor in the planning process. These program times provide fertile ground to learn in a variety of venues and situations.


Connecting With Community

Our community partners and local businesses assist us in providing these Off-Campus Program opportunities where the learning is personalized to the student as they learn through hands-on and discovery learning. School advisors check in with the student and their community partner/businesses. Throughout the learning experience, students journal and document their educational activities and set goals and expectations for their growth. These journals and goals are submitted to their school advisor for review and approval.

This programming allows our international community of students to connect with other local entrepreneurs, businesses and families who become mentors to the students throughout their experience at Purcell Collegiate School. These learning experiences shape and develop our students while providing our local community with a worldwide array of students to connect and learn together with.

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How it Works

Purcell Collegiate School’s Off-Campus Programming provides a highly personalized experience for each student in their learning journey. Guidance is provided by the school advisor to ensure the student has the support and tools they need for a successful experience.

In addition to in-person, practical, hands-on learning experience, students can also choose to add an online course which is self-paced, yet monitored by the school advisor. These online courses allow students to explore topics autonomously while pursuing their career interests and passions.

Students can earn credit by pursuing this style of learning in adjunct to their core academic program.

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