Athletics - Purcell Collegiate School


Students at Purcell Collegiate School are encouraged to develop active and healthy lifestyles.

This is accomplished through both our core curricular Physical Education programs as well as extra-curricular athletic programs that take place after regular classes through school sports teams and within the larger community through local teams and leagues.

Our program takes pride in developing the athletic abilities of all students while building lasting friendships and team-mate relationships while having fun together with others.

Our students are coached by both staff and local community members to develop habits and inspire an active, healthy lifestyle.

We encourage each student to participate in at least one athletic team as we strive to offer a variety of programs suitable for all types of students.

Basketball, Volleyball, Downhill and Cross-Country Skiing, Badminton, Hockey, Golf and many outdoor education pursuits are available.

Our students are proud to represent our school by demonstrating their school spirit, their abilities and strong sportsmanship in every sport activity.