Health and Wellness - Purcell Collegiate School


The health and wellness of our students is at the heart of our educational approach, operating model, and school culture. We want you to know that


Medical Care

All international students have PCS-required medical coverage through StudentVIP exclusively (students staying less than six months) or a combination of StudentVIP and BC government health insurance (students staying six months or more). Click here for more information on coverage. Boarding staff will facilitate and attend clinic visits, hospital admissions, specialists appointments, prescription picks-up and claim-filing processes.

Counselling Support

Boarding staff are available 24/7 for basic student support needs. School counsellors promote and support personal growth, academic success, and university admission. Licensed counsellors, psychologists, and medical professionals are available via Interior Health for significant mental health needs.

Vision and Dental Care

Students will have additional supports around an annual vision assessment and routine dental care under the required medical coverage through StudentVIP during their time at Purcell Collegiate School.

Physical Fitness

Our boarding facility at St. Eugene Mission includes a fitness gym and a pool. Other exercise opportunities include nearby access to jogging and cycling routes. A full-size gymnasium in the elementary school across the street is available for games like basketball and floor hockey.

Food and Nutrition

Our boarding program includes three healthy meals each day with additional food access for snacks, education in food literacy, and mental health support, if/as required.


PCS recognizes that many students and/or their parents remain concerned about COVID-19 and/or the potential for another pandemic. This is a reality we accept and a responsibility we continue take seriously. We work with the Ministry of Education and Child Care, Public Health, and other health experts to ensure we are taking the appropriate steps to best protect the community.