Homestay/Billet Program - Purcell Collegiate School


Purcell Collegiate School recruits and supports enthusiastic, outgoing families who are interested in welcoming international and hockey-academy students into their homes. Hosting a PCS student is a rewarding cultural and personal experience.

Our host/billet families are an integral part of the PCS learning community. Their active and enthusiastic participation in our program enhances each student’s cultural experience and contributes to the maximization of their time in Canada.

Host families (for regular international students) and billet families (for Purcell Hockey Academy students) will be compensated monthly. Families of local day students are given priority consideration for international/hockey placements as way to enhance their child(ren)’s participation and offset or even eliminate their fees.

We have a wide variety of hosting situations available throughout the year. Time periods range from a month to a year or more for students participating in a graduation-track program (three years). Student ages range from 13 – 19 years.

To be eligible, you must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • You have an extra bedroom in your home
  • Everyone 18 and older in your home submits a Criminal Records Check
  • English is the primary language spoken in your home
  • Open mindedness and interest in welcoming a new member of the family into your lives

If you are interested in learning more about this rewarding opportunity, please contact us.