Portals - Purcell Collegiate School

Consulting Agents

Consulting Agents that send students to Purcell Collegiate School are provided with a commission in recognition of sending students to PCS. Agent agreements are required to be signed. Commission Rates are:

Per student commission rate: $7,485.00

Group of 15 students – $112,275.00 and a tuition and boarding scholarship.

Group of 20 – 149,700.00 and a tuition and boarding scholarship.

Scholarship awarded and commission on group numbers requires a commitment of 15 or 20 students.

Subsequent years of students attending qualify for ongoing commission fees of $5000.00 per student.

Staff and Students

Staff and students please use your purcellcollegiate.ca account with your Purcell Collegiate password to login to the Staff and Student Portal. If you have difficulty logging in, you can reset your password on the link provided.


If you are a parent, guardian or acting on behalf of parents, please use our parent login to access your students’ account on the Parent Portal. Admission forms, report cards, payment processes and more are available in this location. If you do not know your password, you can reset it with the link on the login page. Alternatively, you can also contact our school office to have them assist you at info@purcellcollegiate.ca.