Carbon Clawback - Purcell Collegiate School


Carbon Clawback is sustainability in action, a program designed to make immediate amends to the environment for the impacts of international travel.

We measure the carbon emissions produced by each student’s flight to Canada. The total amount of CO2 is then added up ad divided by the total number of students. Each student is then assigned an equal amount of carbon that they must offset during their stay at PCS. Staff will support students to do so via a variety of activities and projects
which may include:

  • windmill construction
  • tree planting
  • composting sequestration
  • solar farming
  • wetlands reclamation

The goal of Carbon Clawback is to generate awareness and understanding of CO2 production and to explore and engage not only how to offset it when necessary, but how to avoid it when possible. Students must successfully offset their carbon allocation to earn a badge for their college admission portfolio and, most importantly, to do their part to combat climate change.

Carbon Clawback brochure

Students who successfully complete their offset requirements will receive a Carbon Clawback badge for the Passport for Good portfolio.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” –Native American proverb