Apply to Club Navigator - Purcell Collegiate School


Important: this information is for local public-school students only.  International and Canadian students attending Purcell Collegiate School (PCS) may sign up for clubs as part of their registration process for regular classes. 

PCS is pleased to make its roster of extra-curricular clubs available for free to local public school students.  Students from the Kimberley-?aq’am-Cranbrook area will be given priority but spaces may also be available to students from Fernie, Invermere, and elsewhere in the Kootenays.

Local students must apply to participate in the Club Navigator program.  Please note the following deadlines for applications:

  • Trimester 1:  November 20
  • Trimester 2:  February 5
  • Trimester 3:  April 29

Applications must be submitted by email to  Please include the name of the club you are applying for in the Subject line of the email.  Spaces are limited.  All applicants will receive email replies within a week.  At that time, applicants will be informed if they have been enrolled, waitlisted, referred to another club, or encouraged to apply again in the future.

The final roster of clubs for each trimester is subject to enrollment numbers at the school.  PCS reserves the right to limit local student enrollment in clubs and/or to postpone or cancel clubs, for this or any other reason.

Club Navigator brochure

For a list of clubs on offer for the 2023-24 school year, click here. Interested in becoming a club leader and/or have an idea for a club?  Please email us with a proposal!

Club Navigator is a great example of a PCS program purposefully designed to leverage synergies and create opportunities.  Local students benefit from free clubs and PCS students benefit from an extended cohort of like-minded learners engaging similar interest areas and/or pursuing corresponding goals.

–Duncan MacLeod, Head of School