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It is a reality that this generation has to adopt sustainable living practices. If not, the impact of climate change will have an immense and potentially devastating impact on their futures. Purcell Collegiate has an obligation to instil in students the importance of sustainable living by insisting practices and policies that have a positive or neutral impact on the environment.



Purcell Collegiate is working with Berry Architecture + Associates to build a world-class international boarding school in Kimberley, BC. changing world.

The Purcell Collegiate School campus is envisioned to be much more than buildings on land; it will be an integrated learning ecosystem that incorporates the natural environment into the education and living experience of each student.

The opportunity to learn from the campus amenities, not just in them, is a foundational aspect that has been incorporated into the design.

Other key inputs and features include:

  • the school will meet, at minimum, LEED GOLD requirements based on the most applicable LEED rating system version at the time of submitting the application to Canada Green Building Council;
  • the school will incorporate as many sustainability aspects and amenities as possible. Some examples already included in the design include rain-water collection, living walls/roofs, solar energy production capacity, and food-production capabilities (greenhouses, forest farm, apiaries);
  • the school will foster inclusivity and acceptance for all students regardless of nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, and/or disability and incorporates design accommodations and enhancements with that in mind;
  • the school will encourage and enable healthy living with physical and intellectual outlets and opportunities already included in the design;
  • the school will highlight Ktunaxa language, culture, and history with design implements and operational participation currently under discussion with ʔaq̓am Community representatives;
  • the school will provide integrated learning and engagement opportunities for community members including but not limited to after-school clubs and sports open to local public-school students, evening classes for adult community members, and publicly-accessible amphitheater for community events and presentations; and
  • the school will foster and support psychological well-being; Purcell Collegiate will be a happy, productive environment for living and learning.

We’re not just building a new school. We’re working to create a new model for how schools should be built. We welcome any enquiries you may have.

For more information on our campus, please visit Purcell milestones for current and future achievements.

Current Site Plan for Purcell Collegiate School (Click to enlarge)